AutoTopsy – Point Of Impact

If you could freeze the exact moment when a 5 car pile up happened – what would you see?

Lies unravel and truths float to the surface as collaborative interactive studio Jam3 and VFX Studio Capricorn8 put you in the driver’s seat to promote the gritty new Showcase series, Cra$h and Burn.

AutoTopsy is an innovative digital experience that challenges visitors to play the part of forensic crash investigator Jimmy Burn in order to unpick the story behind a multi-vehicle pile up. Part game, part narrative experiment, the visually stunning site offers a host of interactive video content alongside character case studies that provide hints and red herrings alike.

The idea behind the project was to build something strictly for online consumption that was completely different than your typical trailer site. We wanted to create a piece of interactive content that would give viewers total control over the way they experience the story and explore the supplemental plot strands.

Your life can change in a heart beat – Autotopsy – Point of impact. – Directed by Peter Miskismin – Creative Directors – Adrian Belina, Pablo Vio and Rafael Ludwig – VFX Supervisor Rafael Ludwig – Produced by Jam3 & Whizbang Films


Project Data

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    Whizbang Pictures